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Mykonos Taverna first opened its doors in the 80’s in Sea Point and was run by Peter Peroglou and his family. Now, 30 years later, Dimitri Peroglou (Peter’s son) and his wife, Vicky, run this authentic Greek taverna with the same traditions as initially installed almost half a century ago.

‘Our idea from the beginning is to create, produce and serve superb, full flavored food - all ruled by taste. We always strive for efficient, uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service. We are passionate about building strong relationships with everyone that crosses our paths – be it our customers, our community, or our suppliers.’

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Our signature dish – Peters kleftiko lamb shank, is still prepared according to the original recipe - as are many of our other delectable dishes.

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Our delectable dishes are made to perfection by Dimitri Peroglou, owner and chef

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